With nearly 20 years of continuous experience delivering solutions that incorporate medical data, Hagimo is uniquely qualified to offer expert advice and consulting on data-centric platform design and development. In addition to technology, we can also assist with best practices development, policies and procedures, and general data management for very large medical data sets, where compliance and security are as much of a factor as the technology. From writing the code in the trenches to assisting with your B2B data agreements in the C-suite, Hagimo can help.


The design and development of applications and platforms that incorporate medical data includes many additional considerations, such as compliance HIPAA and other requirements, security, access control, auditing, policy development and implementation, and a deep knowledge of what to expect from various data types and sources. Hagimo does it all, from initial database schema to data management to roles-based access controls to data aggregation, API development, portal development, backend heavy lifting analytics, and more. We can work with your team, or build it all for you - it's up to you.

HIPAA-conformal Data Escrow

Have a complicated business model that includes PHI? Need to interact with other companies that also have medical data? Hagimo has the expertise and relationships to act as a HIPAA-conformal data escrow (third-party entity) for the purposes of building complete medical histories on behalf of clients that you legally represent (via 'wet' HIPAA sign off, service opt-in, or other legal indication). Hagimo can help you generate the required 'hashes' and patient identifiers for your PHI, and then work with the source data entities to build only the medical histories that you are legally permitted to access. Law firms, pharmaceutical firms, facilities and other entities with permitted access to PHI - contact Hagimo today, and learn how you can save both time and money assembling the medical histories that you need to deliver services to your clients.

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)

Currently, there are many medical data formats in common usage across the industry:

  • ANSI ASC X12N (837/835, 5010, etc.)
  • HL7
  • HCFA (NSF/UB-92)
  • DICOM (Imaging)
  • Others

Each of these paradigms have their own challenges when it comes to putting them to work - from the way the data is delivered to how it gets washed and validated, to what sort of data solution you need it to live in. Users also have to deal with what's present and what isn't in each type of data, with how populated different columns are, and with the companies that control it. Coding ETL solutions for these types of data is what we do - and we can target your schema, and deliver exactly the data you need for your business model.

Medical Market Surveillance

With access to more than 300 million domestic health histories (and hundreds of millions more worldwide), Hagimo is positioned to provide deep analytics on nearly any compound or device on the market today, or used in the last 10 to 15 years. Large, statistically significant cohorts of anonymized patient histories based on specific compounds or devices are assessed for overall incidence rates across hundreds of indications and DRG's, and then compared to the general population - variances from overall incidence rates are indicators that a device or compound should be examined more closely. These results can inform mass tort and similar litigation, monitor new devices or compounds, and even provide third-party post-marketing surveillance - contact Hagimo for more information.

Data Acquisition

Where the rubber meets the road. Does your enterprise need medical data? Do you have the infrastructure to store and manage it? Where are you going to get it? What sort of licensing is available? What sort of standards will you need to adhere to? Will HIPAA apply to you? There's a lot of data out there, and it varies between providers wildly. Many larger sources (clearinghouses, transaction networks, etc.) aren't in the business of selling data - for these entities, the data is a fallow asset, and you'll need to work with their business development group. For other entities, the data may only be licensed for certain uses, and you'll need to develop 'use cases' which have to be approved. Hagimo has been working with these vendors for nearly 20 years - they know us, and we know them - we can help you identify the vendors who have the data you need, help you craft an approach plan that they'll be interested in, and help you build approved use cases that will assuage their usage concerns while still implementing your business model. Simply acquiring the data your solution needs can take longer than your development cycle - call Hagimo now, and save time and money.


At Hagimo, medical data is what we do. We have years of experience applying medical data across the human clinical drug trials and mass tort verticals, but we've also worked in the aerospace, law enforcement, military, and construction industries, and we're dedicated to unleashing all of the power and intelligence that large-scale data sets have to offer. From your initial ideas to deployment around the world, Hagimo is ready to assist you with your data needs - please contact us for a no-cost initial discussion, and let's talk.