Hagimo Team

Hagimo began as a small technology company in Nashville, Tennessee, but like other companies, finding the right partners made all the differnce in the world! Now, Hagimo is composed of clinical professionals, data scientists, legal resources, developers, and more - all focused on changing how data and analytics are used in our chosen verticals. The executive team has extensive experience in building the relationships and solutions that Hagimo envisions, and is currently aggressively expanding Hagimo's partner base and market position.

The Team

W. Sean Harrison
Chief Technology Officer
A results-driven senior IT executive with extensive experience in the medical/pharma, financial, and aerospace industries, Sean is comfortable in the boardroom providing critical guidance and technical business intelligence or in the trenches designing and implementing next generation solutions. Sean holds multiple patents in human clinical trial data management and fiduciary compliance automation, and has extensive experience in standards-compliant/conformal architectures (HIPAA, HITECH, OIG, FDA, etc.), big data, and process automation.
Email: sean.harrison@Hagimo.com
André Mouton
EVP Business Development
André is a highly accomplished, results-oriented business development executive with International experience covering USA, South East Asia, and Africa. André has been responsible for profit and loss trends across several International groups from the medical and healthcare field. He has enjoyed significant achievements in business networking inclusive of innovative strategy, integrated marketing and operational execution for data management companies, and has a proven record of new product launches, cross cultural marketing campaigns, direct line management and managing of diverse teams across several industries. He's also well-known as a driver of sales and retention through innovative business development within new and untapped markets. André was borne in South Africa, lived in SEA and is now living in Nashville, TN under the umbrella of his company Angaros Inc.
Email: andre.mouton@Hagimo.com
JP Fulks
Director of Development
JP has more than 25 years of experience developing high-performance digital systems on platforms ranging from embedded systems to supercomputers, as well as teaching software development as adjunct faculty. His experience in the medical industry includes architecting parallel-processing Parse/ETL solutions for medical claims, developing handheld and desktop system for prescription writing and management and developing next-generation artificial intelligence solutions for the medical vertical designed to run on supercomputing parallel processing platforms.
Email: jp.fulks@Hagimo.com
Leah Gilliam
Bookkeeper, Secretary
An experienced Vice President of Operations with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Financials, Analytical Skills, Sales, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Mobile Applications and working with Start-ups. Strong operations professional graduated from Illinois State University.
Email: leag.gilliam@Hagimo.com


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