Data is a fallow asset until you put it to work. Deep analytics, process modeling, machine learning, AI, neural networks, statistical learning methods, Bayesian decision processes, support vector machines, etc., etc. -- the entire data and analytics industry is a minefield of new technologies, buzzwords, and esoteric platforms. It's important to select the solutions that best apply to your business model.

Hagimo focuses on specific verticals in order to leverage our decades of domain knowledge across specific industries. We believe that our combination of data expertise combined with specific industry experience results in best-case solutions for clients in the industries we focus on.

Human Clinical Drug and Device Trials

With more than 400,000 current clinical studies underway (https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/resources/trends) and more than 70% of all clinical trials enrolling late or even cancelling, pharmaceutical clients are turning to data-driven recruitment and study simulation to fine-tune site selection and enrollment strategies. Hagimo has partnered with clearinghouses and specialty networks, EMR/EHR vendors, payers and managed plans, and unified their data to provide direct access to hundreds of millions of medical histories. Find clusters of eligible patients, fine-tune advertising dollars, or even work directly with providers, specialty groups, plans and other entities to place information and enrollment materials directly into the hands of eligible patients. Hagimo can provide the analytics, contact information, and place materials into the hands of eligible candidates before you spend the first dollar on recruitment.

Settlements: Mass Tort, Multi-District Litigation

A multi-billion dollar industry, the Mass Tort / MDL vertical is now finally beginning to adopt data-driven analytics as part of a complete process, from refining advertising spend to docket management to medical record acquisition and retention to process automation. On the horizon, legal methods for identifying eligible claimants based on medical histories and legally / ethically approved methods for intelligent targeting of advertisement and materials positioning is now possible, and not restricted to DC-based law firms. Hagimo has experience building solutions for all sizes of firms, dockets, and projects, from medical record aggregation to unifying claimant data across multiple firms to automated per-claimant package export (records, evidence, documents, etc.).

Value-Based Care Transition Planning and Implementation

A federally-mandated tenet of the affordable care act, the transition to a value-based care model is required for all U.S. medical facilities in order to avoid significant fines and penalties. Hagimo has the data, the analytics, and the strategic partners to help your organization develop a transition plan based on your data, your expenditures, your strengths, and your resources. Fines are increasing, and many facilities and other entities are failing to transition simply because they don't know how to get started. Step one is to take a deep look at your data, and see where you're strong, and where you need to get to work. Hagimo can help.

Managed Plan Analytics and Fiduciary Compliance

Through our partner network, Hagimo has combined data and development expertise with ERISA and general compliance firms who are on the cutting edge of plan management and assessment. Leveraging Hagimo data and technology, these partner groups can deliver advanced analytics detailing plan network efficacy, spend, potential fraud, waste, and abuse, along with detailed recovery strategies and process adjustment recommendations that can bring a plan into compliance under ERISA and other requirements. Additionally, our partners also offer full plan management automation tools - 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), etc. - every event, every required filing, all on a calendar with reminders and alerts. If you're a fiduciary, it's important to understand every step you're require to take. If you're a professional plan manager, you owe it to yourself to evaluate how plan management automation can greatly increase the number of plans you're able to manage while increasing compliance and efficacy - please contact Hagimo for more information.