Hagimo LLC is a consortium of data scientists, medical professionals, and legal firms who are committed to bringing the power of Big Data™ to a wide variety of verticals, including human clinical drug trials, mass tort and multi-district litigation, enviromental analytics, value-based health care transition planning and assessment, self-managed health plan efficacy analytics, and more.

Enterprise-class medical data

Hagimo offers the largest privately-held database of deep medical data available anywhere, with more than 300 million U.S. lives going back nearly 10 years, and more than 350 million lives across countries in South America, Europe, and Asia. Diagnoses, procedures, providers, payers, plans, facilities, practices, and more, all stored longitudinally, all HIPAA conformal, and all ready to support your next-generation analytics.

Payers, Providers and Patients

Hagimo offers multiple ways to get your message in front of eyes that need to see it - providers, payers - even patients - all HIPAA conformal and all legally compliant. Clinical trial participation, settlement opportunities, practice incentives, self-managed plan opportunities - Hagimo can help you get your message out - ask us how.

Domain knowledge across verticals

In addition to clinical trials and mass tort / settlement projects, Hagimo's team has decades of experience across several additional verticals:

  • Legal / Municipal Systems
  • Self-Managed Plan Analytics
  • Fiduciary Compliance and Plan Management
  • Environmental Impact Analytics
  • Avigation / Easment Support
  • Forensic Data Analysis

...and many others. If your project includes a big data component, we can help!

Hagimo specializes in

HIPAA-Conformal Bulk Medical Data Monetization

Clinical Trial Simulation, Site Retention and Attrition Projections

Mass Tort Settlement Data Management and Lead Generation

Standards-Compliant Enterprise Platform Architecture and Development

Hagimo, LLC is bringing disruptive technologies to several verticals in 2022-2023. We're located in downtown Nashville, TN, with data clusters here and international data housed in Basel, Switzerland. We're small, flexible, nimble, fast, and we're building next-generation technology solutions that will change how medical data is used for everyone.

Please reach out to us for more information.